THE TROLLEYBUS (Or Trackless Trolley)
by Roger Pride continued

LESNEY produced a post-war London Q-1 double-deck trolleybus (No. 56) in their "MATCHBOX #1-75 Series", around 1959. This bus had a red livery with "Drink Peardrax" on the sides.

In France, SOLIDO produced a model of the Saviem Chaausson AP52 single-deck trolley coach (No 120) in two versions in 1955 and 1960. The latter version has glazing, suspension and a different design of trolley poles.

HO scale motorized trolleybuses made by BRAWA-EHEIM in Germany, are available in three single-deck versions. A three-axle bus with luggage trailer, a two-axle "Bussing" with trailer bus, and a three-axle articulated unit. This is a complete operating system with buses, overhead lines and bus stop shelters to complement an HO scale model railroad layout. Similar sets were distributed in the U.S. by Polk's Hobby Shop (New York) while a version, produced in Japan by SILVINE (No. 403) was designed for U.S. consumption with its Boston MBTA livery of yellow and silver.

LLEDO DAYS GONE list a Karrier K6 double-deck trolleybus (No 41) in various liveries, including a green/cream "City of Nottingham" livery with "Marks & Spencer" ads and a red/cream London Transport livery with "Bisto" advertising.

MATCHBOX MODELS OF YEATERYEAR produced a limited edition model (No Y10) of London's first production trolleybus in 1988. This vehicle, the 1931 AEC 663T "Diddler" double-deck, three-axle, is very distinctive with one central headlamp in tramcar fashion. It is finished in the familiar red and cream livery with "Ronuk Floor Polish" ads.

The "Classic Public Transport" series from CORGI issued a fine 1/50 scale model of the a wartime Sunbeam W4 trolleybus (No. 97000) in the spring of 1994. The model is decorated in the Reading Corporation maroon and cream livery. Sunbeam and Karrier were the sole British builder of real-life trolleybuses during the dark days of the Second World War, and this model, with its double-deck and utility Park Royal bodywork on the scale equivalent of a 26 ft chassis, accurately portrays the vehicles produced by them.

Some 4mm scale, white metal kit manufacturers in Britain, particularly PIRATE MODELS, have produced a few double-deck trolleybus models. The avid collector can also find card cut-out and plastic kits by companies such as MODELCRAFT and SOES.

For further reference I would direct the reader to "International P.S.V. Models" by C.E. Moate
(LONDON, EMAOES, 1973) and the following table.

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